How To Wire For And Install A Plug-In Receptacle

In this episode I talk about how to install an electrical plug-in receptacle. Plugs are pretty day one helper stuff, but I talk about some methods of twisting joints, using strippers, cutting sheathing, and mounting the devices that maybe some teachers out there don’t use. As an apprentice, getting used to how your tools work and practicing with them over and over will get you better faster. It will take a lot of running romex, stripping the ends out, and twisting hooks before this comes naturally. But you WILL get there quickly. In this show I take 12/2 romex from an existing switch box that has power in it already. From there I install a plug box below and staple the wire in between the two boxes. Finally, I make joints in the switch box to feed the plug hot, and install the receptacle in the box below. After everything is done it is important that you ALWAYS CHECK YOUR WORK. Always put a tester in of some sort and make sure every electrical installation you touch works before you walk away from it. Not just for plugs and switches, but for EVERYTHING you do. I use a simple plug tester at the end to ensure everything is wired correctly and we have electrical power present at the receptacle. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE THESE VIDEOS!