How To Wire For and Install A Switch

This episode covers the basics of installing an electrical switch. I cover mounting boxes, drilling holes, running 12/2 romex from a power source to a new switch box. From that switch box I install another piece of 12/2 romex to a light above. After wiring and rough-in I install a decor single-pole 15a switch and a keyless fixture with a lightbulb. I talk briefly about how to rip out wires and twist joints, as well as how to test with a multimeter using continuity to see whether or not a bulb is bad. This is the very beginning of a series from basic to advanced that will show apprentice electricians several different ways to install electrical materials and devices. **Disclaimer – These videos are for training purposes alone, all work done on electrical systems should be done by a licensed and insured electrical contractor. If you are not an electrician, do not attempt any of the work you are seeing in these videos.**