TOOL REVIEW – Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

Milwaukee recently sent me a new set of ratcheting wrenches. While I will say I am not a mechanic, therefore I do not consider myself a wrench expert, I will say that there’s a noticeable difference in how these wrenches operate compared to the ones I use every so often.

First Impression

There’s a few you things that you notice right away when opening this package up. The construction of the open end of the wrench is a little bit different than anything I’ve seen in the past. Milwaukee has designed a new max bite grip where the open end of the wrench actually has teeth. This helps to grab onto a nut or fastener as you’re using it which makes it a little bit difficult to pull off of the fastener as you’re using it. The reason they do this is a lot of times wrenches slip and it really messes peoples knuckles up so these things bite like you wouldn’t believe. The closed end of the wrench is the ratcheting end and it has 144 positions. They actually use a double stacked pawl design which allows for twice as many steps as the average ratcheting wrench would have. This means that you can get into extremely tight spaces and with even the smallest movements the wrench will continue tightening or loosening.


The tool has a 2.5° arc swing which means that the pawls engage in a 2.5° environment. Basically that just means that if you’re really confined space this thing will still grab within a 2.5° arc. Using the tool is great, the only downside that I see to it is that the whole wrench is flat rather than angled. I like having the angled option because I’m not always working in a flat plane. I find that sometimes my fingers get in the way with a flat wrench when working in areas that are tight to the wrench, so that’s just a personal preference. Again, if you’re working in an open area where you don’t need to worry about your fingers or other screws, nuts, or bolts being in your way, then this would work fine. The tool uses a flank-drive setup which allows for more torque as the tool uses the sides of the wrench rather than the corners. A lot of times you will strip the corners out with typical wrenches because they are trying to engage the corners of the bolt where the nut that you’re tightening, but this tool has little notches so the corners are completely taken out of the equation and it just uses the flat edges of the fastener for the torque which results in you having more to torque while using it. The last thing I really like is that the entire tool is very smooth all the way around. Some wrenches are flat and sort of sharp when you’re using them. This is just a personal preference thing. Some guys like the flat, sharp edges and some like really smooth ones. I personally like the smooth ones.

Info from

The MILWAUKEE Ratcheting Combination Wrenches feature 2.5 degrees of arc swing, allowing quick and efficient work in tight spaces. These mechanic’s wrenches feature durable double-stacked pawls in the ratcheting mechanism, offering the longest ratchet life and improved access with 144 ratcheting positions. MAX BITE Open-End Grip improves the ratchet wrench’s grip on nuts and bolts, offering 25% more torque than smooth-faced wrenches. Each combination wrench features an ergonomic I-Beam handle design for improved comfort. The ratcheting combination wrench set features ink-filled size labels for easy size identification, as well as quick distinction between SAE and metric sets. The 7 piece SAE ratcheting combination wrench set comes in a portable locking storage tray, offering organization both on and off the jobsite. These MILWAUKEE combination ratchet wrench sets feature a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • 2.5 degrees of arc swing

  • 144 ratcheting positions

  • Durable double-stacked pawls

  • MAX BITE open-end grip

  • 25% more torque

  • Comfortable I-beam handle design

  • Ink-filled size labels

  • Organized storage solution

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Includes: (1) 3/8 in. ratcheting combination wrench, (1) 1/2 in. ratcheting combination wrench, (1) 9/16 in. ratcheting combination wrench, (1) 5/8 in. ratcheting combination wrench, (1) 11/16 in. ratcheting combination wrench, (1) 3/4 in. ratcheting combination wrench


These things are pretty badass. I gotta say I’m happy to have them. They will definitely replace the current wrenches that I have in my tools set. I give the Milwaukee 7 piece ratcheting wrench set a 4.5 out of five stars.

For more detailed information on this Ratcheting Wrench Set CLICK HERE.

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