TOOL REVIEW – Milwaukee TORCH Carbide Metal Cutting Sawzall Blades

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Sponsored by Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

Milwaukee recently sent me a pack of their carbide thick metal cutting sawzall blades. I am a big fan of Diablo’s normally so let’s see how Milwaukee’s hold up and how they compare.

First Impression

Opening these things up, they’re definitely quality like no bones about it, these are up to the same par quality wise as anything Diablo makes. The only difference that there may be is in the type of carbide that’s used. I know that Diablo actually makes their own carbide and Milwaukee uses carbide that they outsource and then they make the tips of their blades with it. I don’t know how big of a deal that is for performance or anything like that. Diablo says that that’s what sets them apart is that they own their own carbide manufacture and that’s where their “secret sauce” is, but let’s see how these works.


You slap this thing in a sawzall and it cuts through shit, like really really well just like the Diablo does. I don’t see any difference. It would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison with two of the exact same human beings with the exact same tools, exact same blades, same material, and then cut through a whole bunch of different things, but that’s a little bit hard to do. A lot of the contests that you go to like at these big tool events usually have two dudes sitting there with two sawzalls, and most of the time they have different sawzalls. One of the sawzalls are usually a little bit slower and has less battery power and then they’ll put 5 pound weight hanging from the sawzall and they’ll say “GO!”. They’ll also have two people, one with each one of the different blades on two very different tools with two very different people who work in two very different ways and the brands will boast “Ours won!”, but a lot of the times there’s some trickery to that so it’s really hard to say which one is better, but I think at least this Torch by Milwaukee is on par or comparable to the Dewalt versions of these.

This blade is 9in long and has 7 teeth per inch (TPI). Most carbide blades like this have a lower tooth count than you would expect from a metal cutting blade. Bi-metal blades have a lot more teeth but they don’t get as hot, they don’t warp, and they don’t wear out as much as the carbide do. The carbide blades are a lot thicker, they’re a lot more rigid, and there’s a lot more space in between the teeth because a big problem with blades and bits in general or anything that’s cutting is heat builds up so you have to have a way to cool things down as you’re cutting. Also, the more something vibrates, the more it’s going to wear that bit or that blade out so the thickness of these really gets rid of the vibration, the space between the teeth gets rid of the heat, and then the teeth themselves are made of a really strong carbide, which is two metal alloys mixed together, so this thing will cut through some really thick shit and it will cut through a whole bunch of times before the blade burns up.

Info from

The Torch with Carbide Teeth has been engineered to deliver extreme life and unmatched versatility in thick and extreme metal cutting applications. This blade delivers up to 50X life over standard blades. The Torch with Carbide Teeth tackles a wide variety of metal materials ranging from black pipe and angle iron to cast iron, stainless steel and high strength alloys. Having 25% more carbide per tooth than other carbide blades and an optimized tooth design deliver extreme life in metal cutting applications.

  • Carbide teeth for 50X life in thick metal

  • Optimized tooth design for speed and durability

  • 7 TPI for fast efficient cutting in thick and extreme metals

  • 25% more carbide per tooth for longest life

  • 70% larger gullets for rapid chip removal

  • 1 in. tall body for demolition

  • 1-blade per pack

  • Includes: (1) the torch with carbide teeth sawzall blade 6 in.


These blades are very expensive compared to it’s more normal and daily use counterpart, but they really should be because when you’re cutting thick metal, this is what you need to be using. Don’t go cheap anymore! Buy really good carbide blades either from Milwaukee or Diablo because they’re both really bad ass. I rate this Milwaukee 9in 7 TPI Torch carbide teeth metal cutting sawzall blade a 5 out of 5.

For more detailed information on this Metal Cutting Sawzall Blade CLICK HERE.

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