RECESSED CANS – Installing & Working With Can Lights

Installing recessed cans is one of the most common things electricians do in residential and commercial construction. In this episode, I talk about proper methods of installing and working with recessed cans.

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There are two main types of recessed cans organized into New Construction and Remodel versions. Remodel cans are designed to be installed in sheetrock, whereas new construction is meant for brand new uncovered walls. Within these categories, there are many different sub-types of cans, such as IC-rated (insulation-contact), and Non-IC-rated (non-insulation-contact). There are even cans that have fire-ratings to them, some that are low-voltage, some high-voltage, and many with numerous different types of sockets and features to them.

Installing cans is pretty easy, its really just thinking about a bunch of considerations before getting started that make the process a bit easier. Things like measuring and marking out correctly, using a laser to ensure a line of cans is straight can save you a huge headache down the line. Other tips like pinching the tabs on the sliding arms, as well as placement of the junction boxes toward each other, or on the same side of a row, are other things to consider.

I will do another video soon on remodel cans, but for now, understanding how cans work and how to install them in a new construction environment is a great place to start.