Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – WHEN SHOULD I QUIT MY JOB?

I get asked by LOADS of people whether or not they should quit their job and go to another company. I have a few things to say on the matter, so let’s get into it.

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LinkedIn – I honestly believe in respect and loyalty above all. I’m a Taurus with a lot of Leo in me, so pride, justice, respect, and loyalty are the things that I personally regard as high-virtues. So you may not feel the same way I do about the subject, but just so you know – these are the drives that I base my opinion on because they are how I navigate the world in general.

My 2 cents: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This means, if everything is working and you’re generally happy and taken care of – why would you leave? It’s very difficult to find an employer that values you as a human, affords you plenty of growth, opportunity, and puts their money where their mouth is. A lot of employers are looking for the best employees on the planet, that they can pay as little as possible to keep them around. I get it, that’s good business. But what’s good business seldom is good humanity. When you find someone who balances the two well, it’s worth its weight in gold to hang on to. A lot of people simply want to chase a dollar. They’ll be getting materials at a supply house and some other company notices them and dangles an extra dollar an hour in front of their face to get them to jump ship. And too many people fall into the trap. It’s not always a terrible decision, however, the risk of it being one is there. I personally think the devil you know is oftentimes better than the one you don’t. You may jump ship on a good thing, get that extra dollar an hour, and hate the new company you work for. You may not find out you hate it until 6 months in, and at that point, the last company you worked for may not take you back. If you are working for a place that is willing to train you and bring you up, they make you feel appreciated, and pay you FAIRLY (not over-pay you, but pay you what you’re honestly worth) – stick with them. Show them some loyalty and appreciation back. I’ve found it’s worth sticking around at a company like this, even if they can’t pay you what another company may be tempting you with. Lastly, think about this: You may get a job opportunity that is FAR beyond your skill level, and get offered a much higher salary to do things that you know you aren’t ready for. Be very cautious of these opportunities. If you take it thinking you can bullshit your way through the day – you can’t. They’ll know where you’re at with your skill level immediately. Also if they don’t care about your skill level, and hire you to run jobs when you’re not at all ready for it – they obviously care far more about making money than even the safety of their employees, customers, jobs, or reputation. Don’t be so hasty that you’re blinded by the light of a bad deal. Have patience, be loyal, and let yourself steep for a bit. There will be more opportunities out there, and when you’re ready for them you’ll know.