The Difference Between GOOD and BAD Electricians

What separates the quality from the riff-raff? In this episode, I give my OPINION about what it takes to be a good electrician from watching the guys who came before me.

Being good at anything requires constant study, dedication, commitment, and pushing yourself beyond your old boundaries. Being a good electrician is the same. With the exception of who you apprentice under, you can control how good or bad of an electrician you are. You know what I’m talking about, you see other guys around you doing shitty hack work or other guys doing outstanding neat work and wonder…”who should I be copying?”

As a rule of thumb, I try to always remember the phrase “IMPRESS YOURSELF.” When nobody but you is looking, are you impressed with the work that you do? Do you cut a lot of corners and get that crap feeling in your stomach like “I hope nobody comes up here and sees this after I leave.” Or do you stand proud and think “this is some of my best work to date”

You are in control of how good (or bad) you become. I suggest reading everything you can get your hands on: books, magazines, textbooks, Facebook groups, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, Instagram followers, youtube channels, consume ALL of it. Keep your self inundated with what you’re passionate about and it will be less difficult to stay focused on it.

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