The First Ever USB – GFCI!!!

Electricians!!! Drumroll please……Finally, we have a USB-GFCI device! Legrand, thank you!

For the longest time customers have been asking if we can get a GFCI that has USBs in it for them to use in their kitchens on the countertop. The problem has been that nobody has made such advice because there’s so much electronics that have to go on the inside, but the device would be massive. Legrand just made one, and yes it is massive, but it is actually possible.

Legrand’s model has both USB-A and USB-C which is even cooler because everything is quickly moving to USB-C. You have to make sure that where you’re installing this device you don’t overuse large wire nuts or you’re going to run out of space very quickly. And the last thing you wanna do is be smashing this thing in place.