Thoughtfulness & Mindfulness – GENDER ISSUES IN THE TRADES

I’m joined by Master Electrician Angel Savoy in this episode where we talk about a lot of issues surrounding women in the trades. This is probably my longest episode so strap in for the next 2 hours, this one is great.


Thoughtfulness & Mindfulness

Gender issues are becoming more prevalent as a lot more women are joining the trades. As the years continue on we need to start reshaping the lenses we see the world through so everybody has equality of opportunity in the trades. The electrical industry is roughly 95% male and 5% female occupied, and as more women start finding the trades as a viable option for a career we need to ensure that we’re “geared up” to have them aboard.

Most contractors and job sites around the US are set up for men to work smoothly without much consideration for women, as these trades have been male-centric since they’ve begun. Angel and I talk at great length about some of the things she’s faced in her career, as well as things other women come across in the field that many of us are just not aware of. Change starts with a conversation, but actions speak louder than words. At the very least we need to start having more public discourse on the issues involved so that more people are aware of them, only then can meaningful change take root.

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