Tool Pouches or Tool Bags? WHY DOES IT MATTER???

One of the bigger debates out there between electricians is whether or not you should be wearing tool belts with pouches or working out of bags. I know, a silly argument to have, but on that occurs often so let’s look into it.

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First, we need to understand why people take a stance on this issue, and it’s because there are so many different ways to BE an electrician, as well as ways to execute the installation of electrical materials. And…every electrician thinks their way is best. We’re a fickle bunch.

Most of the time on construction sites you’ll see electricians wearing belts with pouches, as almost anybody on a job site would. There’s more efficiency to be had when your tools are on your person, and you’re doing work that is the same, repetitive, over and over. You get faster as you go, so having your tools on you constantly helps build speed and efficiency over the course of a day. So construction electricians typically wear their tools.

Service electricians, on the other hand, most often are going between jobs several times a day so having bags that they can pull in and out of their trucks and wheel into a job makes more sense. They’re not usually setting up to do some crazy project for the day, they’re going in to look at a problem, see what’s there, and fix that specific thing, and get out of dodge. So just having a bag with a bunch of different hand tools, multi-meters, a drill, and some oddball things is all you need as a service electrician.

Don’t let anybody out there tell you that you should work one way or another, find out for yourself. I’ve bought so many bags, pouches, belts, tool backpacks, etc…and have tried them out for myself to find what works for me. I’m always slightly unhappy with all of them lol. But there are some that I favor.

My recommendation…have both, and use both when you feel it appropriate to do so.