TOOL REVIEW – Gorilla Grip Max Impact with RhinoFlex

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I’m a fan of a GOOD set of gloves to work with every day. The problem is that gloves start coming apart over time, and you have to continually buy new ones. Some are better than others though, so I’m always in search of a new “favorite.” Let’s see how the Gorilla Grip RhinoFlex glove compares to the rest.

First Impression

At first, I thought, here we go…another soft disposable glove to tear through. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with disposable gloves, but I prefer a stronger-built glove that lasts for 6 months rather than buying 6 pairs of one-month gloves. There are some instances, however, where having short-term gloves comes in handy.


Right away I notice that these gloves are not meant for continuous use, which is fine. They’re marketed as “designed for maximum durability” which is a little bit of an exaggeration in my opinion. Maximum durability gloves are made of strong nylon or leather. These nylon gloves are among the least durable type of glove made, comparative to all other gloves.

I use gloves of all types, and I use them often. I use latex or cotton gloves for fine finish work, insulated hot-gloves with leather protectors for working on live conductors, heavy-duty work gloves for pulling underground wire, welding gloves for…welding, fingerless work-gloves in construction to reach in and out of pouches, cold-weather gloves for warmth, and coated nylon gloves (like these) for working in greasy or wet environments. So I have my finger on the pulse of the glove game.

These RhinoFlex gloves are constructed to fill a specific purpose, and that purpose is to be an inexpensive work glove that has superior grip when working in greasy, wet, or slippery environments. The nylon construction will not keep your hands dry but the coating on them will keep the palms of your hands free of grease and small abrasions most of the time. I would use these when working in commercial kitchens, automotive shops, commercial garages, or when applying pulling lubes or working in extremely dirty environments. They’re great for gripping, I will give them that. So when working on steel roofing or any area where your grip “slipping” is a hazard, these make a great tool to have.

I would not use these when working with sharp metal as the nylon will easily tear and rip.

Info from

From light tasks to heavy-duty projects, Gorilla Grip patented gloves are your go-to. These gloves are specialized for maximum durability, dexterity and guarantees a never-slip grip. Gorilla Grip gloves are constructed of nylon and dipped with a specialized coating to keep your hands protected no matter the application wet, dry or oily, we have you covered.

  • Never slip technology means a superior grip ever time

  • Ideal for wet, dry or oily applications that require hand protection

  • Comfortable, snug fit

  • Thin and lightweight for great dexterity and breath ability

  • Impact protection



For a cheap nylon glove, these are really decent quality. I did rip the wrist nylon the first time I put them on, which since has gotten worse as I continue to use them. They fit me well though, so the looseness of the wrist on one glove doesn’t affect me. I don’t abuse these gloves, rather I use them when they’re nearby and I’m not doing something where I need true hand protection. I use these more for keeping my hands clean and free of scratches. I give them 3.5 out of 5 stars. They’re not bad, and not amazing. Standard, run-of-the-mill nylon gloves dipped with a coating for grip.

For more detailed information on these gloves CLICK HERE .

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