Tool Review – DeWalt 3-Tool 20v MAX Cordless Combo Kit

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Dewalt has a wide selection of 3-tool combination kits you can get from the online store. Some of them include a drill, an impact driver, a Sawzall. Others are a drill, impact driver and circular saw. The one I was sent is a standard drill, a standard impact driver, and an XR oscillating tool. Let’s dive in.

First Impression

In this 3-tool combo kit, the drill and impact driver are not XR. XR tools are Dewalt’s professional grade equipment – much like Milwaukee has their FUEL line of tools that are cordless, brushless, and have stronger motors. I was a little surprised to see that only one of the tools in this kit is XR. Personally, I’ve used Dewalt’s standard drill & impact driver as well as their XR sets. If you don’t need a specific or high-end tool, they’ll do a great job for a handyman or apprentice – someone who is coming across a lot of different applications. For the average journeyman or master electrician drilling through metal and masonry on a daily basis, you’ll need more power behind your tools than these standard versions. If you need a DIY drill or impact driver, something to keep in your garage that doesn’t demand higher power to get the job done, these are fantastic.


All that being said, these are probably the best quality drills your can find that are not professional-grade, and make a great starter kit. Even if you’re a pro user and came across a set of these and wanted to keep them as a spare in case you burn up one of your XRs, or keeping a set of tools for your apprentice, these will do the trick. Some guys only use their high end XR or FUEL tools for situations where they need that raw power, keeping a spare set of drills to use for small stuff like installing plugs and receptacles.

As for the oscillator – I it often, am always comparing brands, and so far this is my favorite tool in the kit and the best oscillator I’ve found. It’s annoying as hell to have a plug-in oscillator and have to wrestle with the cord while you’re under a custom cabinet, sink, or counter top. The fact that this thing is cordless is great – the fact it’s brushless is even better.


I’m going to give the drill and impact driver 3.5/5 and the oscillator 5/5 stars. As a whole this kit gets 4/5 stars just because I won’t use 2/3 of it. I’ll keep the drill and impact driver as spares or loaners, but I’ll use the oscillator nearly every day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you can afford it, cordless and brushless is the way to go every time.

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