TOOL REVIEW – Dewalt 4LB FG Engineer Hammer

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I was sent this DeWalt 4-lb mini-sledge hammer to test out, and as an electrician I’m no stranger to a sledge hammer. This thing is pretty small, so I have my doubts about it working for my type of use, but lets see how it holds up.

First Impression

Putting hands on this thing, it feels like any other standard mini-sledge that you’d use. The ergonomics of the handle are definitely much more comfortable, and the weight balance feels great. I don’t often use mini-sledge hammers because here in Texas we need full-length versions to drive ground-rods through the rocky soil we have. A mini-sledge will only get us so far.



I tried driving both a piece of uni-strut and a ground rod with this hammer and at first it did the job just fine. Most sledge-hammers have a flat face so if you swing and mis-strike the rod/strut it will bounce away and not drive the material down – or a lot of times the smooth surface causes the head to slide off the material being driven. The benefit of this hammer is that it has an engineered face on one side that helps to dig into whatever you’re hammering.

For electrical work, it’s a nice hammer to have around but here in Texas it’s not going to do much having a mini-sledge. It does offer you more power than a standard hammer, so it’s good for the first foot of driving a ground-rod or strut into soil, but beyond that we still need to bring out the big-boy. It would be nice to find one of these with a larger head and longer handle. Maybe that would be better for gaining extreme power and accuracy for heavy-duty jobs.

Info from

This 4 lb. fiberglass engineering drilling hammer offers 2X striking power with its concentrated strike face*. With its forged steel body, this sledge hammer is built tough and great for driving stakes, breaking concrete, and demolition work. The durable handle is created with lightweight fiberglass and has overstrike protection to reinforce where handles break most. It also has an over-molded, textured grip to help improve comfort and control of the tool.

  • 2X Striking power with the concentrated strike face*

  • Improved handle durability with overstrike protection where handles break most.

  • Over-mold textured grip helps to improve comfort and control

  • Durable head with medium-carbon forged steel construction

  • Lightweight fiberglass handle that can withstand tough environments

  • 12.2 in. handle



All-in-all this little tool is not to bad. It’s not revolutionary although the engineered face on it does help you stick your landing when you’re hitting surfaces – especially uneven ones that otherwise may bounce or slide with a typical hammer face. I’ll keep it around for starting ground rods when I’m up on a 6-foot ladder, but I’ll definitely need to still pull out the larger hammer once I get it down far enough to come down the ladder. I say 4 out of 5 stars.

For more detailed information on this Hammer CLICK HERE.

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