TOOL REVIEW – Dewalt 120v CORDLESS Miter Saw DHS790AT2

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

Ok now this is cool…a 120-volt CORDLESS DeWalt Miter Saw?? They’ve really been stepping up their game on the dual 60v FLEXVOLT technology, and seeing it in a portable miter-saw is impressive. Let’s take a look.

First Impression

This saw feels amazing, and comes with a lot of impressive stuff. Upon opening the package, I noticed it comes with two 2ah 60-v FLEXVOLT batteries, that when used in a standard 20v XR tool turn into two 6ah 20v batteries. The charger that comes in the kit is a dual charger, so you can charge them both at the same time. This is a huge plus. There’s also a corded power-supply attachment so you can turn this cordless saw into a corded saw if you need your batteries for something else.


The blade that comes with the tool is a standard 10-inch 60-tooth Carbide DeWalt blade which cuts like a charm. I used this tool to cut 3/4-inch oak for a battery charging station that I’m building and it did the job with precision and power. I was blown away at the power the motor affords on battery power. When using the corded power-supply adapter you obviously get power for much longer, but for someone who’s on a jobsite cutting wood several times throughout the day, this tool will still last you the majority of the day. This, of course, depends on WHAT you’re cutting and how often.

The saw comes with it’s own wrench for removing/replacing the blade – which seems like nothing important until you look at everything else DeWalt makes. They do an excellent job of ensuring that all of the wrenches and adjustment tools for their gear snaps or fits into the tool somewhere so you don’t have to store it in a bag or lose it.


Info from

The DHS790AT2 offers flexible power options – corded for unlimited runtime or cordless for portability powered by DEWALT brushless motor technology. Accuracy is delivered through adjustable miter scale with 11 positive stops and high visibility bevel scale the CUTLINE blade positioning system. The kit includes 2 60-Volt MAX lithium-ion battery packs, a dual port fast charger and the DC120A corded power supply.

  • Flexible power options – corded or cordless

  • Accuracy cutline blade positioning system and highly visible miter and bevel scales

  • Runtime – 310 cross cuts in 31/4 in. base molding

  • Portability – compact design weighs only 56lbs.

  • Ideal for cutting stair tread, crown molding and baseboard

  • Includes saw, charger, (2) batteries, corded power supply, blade, wrench and dust bag



Most of the remaining features of this miter saw are the same as any typical miter saw. It still performs well, it just does so on battery power which is impressive in it’s own right. In that vein, I give this thing a solid 5 stars. It may not stack up against saws like the Ridgid R4221 that have higher RPM corded motors, but it comes damn close.

For more detailed information on this miter saw CLICK HERE .

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