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 In partnership with Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
In partnership with Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I’ve gotten to use a lot more of Dremel’s tools lately, and most of what they offer are tools for the arts & crafts user. However, they do have a few tools that the pro-user can benefit from, such as this Dremel 4000. Let’s take a look.

First Impression

This kit comes with a tool and a 50 accessories, all in one package. That’s a lot of functionality for a single tool. It comes with various sanding, buffing, and polishing bits, as well as cutting and grinding wheels. Now we’re not talking about anything industrial grade, this is all precision light-duty material. If there was a pro-grade version of this tool that came with heavier-duty bits and wheels we may be having a different conversation. This tool is meant for someone who does craftwork, and some light finish work.


The amount of attachments and accessories that this kit comes with is impressive. There are several tool attachments that allow you to use it in unique ways. First there’s flexible shaft attachment that allows you to extend the tool to have a flexible hose with a tip on the end of it. This is extremely useful in really bizarre and hard to reach places. I did not test the ruggedness of this attachment, so I cannot speak to the longevity of it.

The kit also comes with router attachments so you can use this as a router, as well as a couple of straight-edge attachments for routing with the edge of a straight piece of material. The tool has Dremel’s standard variable speed selection knob for setting your rotation speed. The motor spins at up to 35,000 RPMs and is surprisingly quiet in doing so.

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The Dremel 4000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool offers consistent performance at all speed levels and versatility thanks to the increased strength of its motor plus electronic feedback circuitry. It accepts all existing Dremel rotary tool accessories and attachments to complete a wide range of projects. A slim, ergonomic body provides a 360 Degree grip zone for comfort and control in any position.

  • Includes tool, flex shaft attachment, circle cutter, and straight-edge guide, multi-purpose cutting kit, lawnmower, and garden tool sharpening attachment, sanding/grinding guide, detail nosepiece, storage case, quick-start guide and 50 genuine Dremel accessories for repairing, remodeling and restoring

  • Separate on/off switch and speed control dial for the perfect speed every time

  • 1.6 Amp, 5000 – 35,000 RPM, variable-speed motor for maximum control and precision

  • Cool running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation

  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes

  • Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life

  • 2-year limited warranty



I will probably not use this tool except in really clutch instances where I can’t fit an angle grinder or oscillating tool in a space, and need the precision handling of something that rotates, cuts, grinds, polishes, and sands. Or if I’m doing craft-work at home, this is a great little tool to handle the job. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars since I’m a pro-user. This will work in a lot of environments, but a lot of the time a more rugged professional tool can do the job better. That being said, in those instances where they cant, this is a good supplement to bring in.

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