TOOL REVIEW – Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Cleaner Tool

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I was recently sent a bizarre new tool from Dremel called the Versa that appears to be a cleaning tool. It’s not often I’m in need of a cleaning tool, but let’s open this thing up to see how it works.

First Impression

When I opened the package I was more curious than anything how this thing worked. I noticed that it came with a bunch of different accessories, different types of pads, and accessories for cleaning various surfaces. It has a splashguard which is basically a rubber boot that goes over the cleaning wheel so while you use it you’re not kicking up a mess at yourself. You can essentially use this tool as a sander, or at least very similarly. The Versa is meant for cleaning different kinds of surfaces so between all the different accessory pads that it comes with, it will clean painted surfaces, fabrics, stainless steel, cast-iron, ceramic, porcelain, aluminum metal, plastic, laminate, glass, and you can use it for light paint and rust removal. With a 4 volt rating on this thing, my first impression is that it’s not going to be that powerful.


I have gotten to use this on different things. It does an okay job of cleaning as long as you don’t have a little bit of over spray from spray painting that you got on some glass or that you got on some metal or something. It works decently well however if you’ve got a thick stain or a thick coat of paint or something like that it’s going to be really hard to clean without changing the surface material to get any of that over spray off and being that it’s only 4 volts you can’t push very hard before this thing bogs down and becomes unusable.

For cleaning stoves, getting grease off of the stove top, off the counter top, that’s really what the tool does well. It cleans things that would otherwise be kind of a pain in the ass by hand. It allows rotary motion like a sanding wheel, and because it comes with different coarseness’s of pads, it allows you to be a little bit more abrasive, less abrasive, and ultimately really soft. It’s a pretty cool versatile tool, just in my opinion it’s really weak and it should have a little bit more “beefed-up” electrical specs so that it can handle really digging in to material like paint and on rough surfaces. Especially things that are a little bit toothier like some glass, stained glass – or something like that that’s not smooth but it’s got a little bit of a grip to it. It’s gonna be hard to clean stuff out of that because this Dremel tool is so weak and the strong resistance slows the tool down so much because you have to press so hard to get into all the cracks.

Info from

Give up the elbow grease! Spend less time cleaning and let the Dremel Versa do the scrubbing. This powerful, high-speed cleaning tool is the solution to conquering the small, tough cleaning jobs. With four versatile accessories, you can effortlessly scrub away dirt, scum and grease from every surface inside and outside your home. From polishing delicate surfaces to powering through rust, you can quickly change accessories to take on every chore. The water resistant design and retractable splashguard are perfect for using the Versa in wet and dry applications. Once you’ve blasted through the grime, plug the Versa into the universal micro USB adapter for a quick, 2-hour charge. Let the Dremel Versa do the work, no need push on the tool like you would with manual scrubbing; enjoy the clean without the effort.

  • POWER SCRUBBER: Save time, make surfaces shine and enjoy the results of your daily cleaning with the Dremel Versa High Power Scrubber, it spins fast for quicker results with less effort

  • SPIN BRUSH and PADS: Best for scrubbing through stubborn grime and scum. Versa’s Spin Brush and Pads are best at removing grime, mold, mildew, grease, soap scum, lime build up, bug splatter, gunk, rust or anywhere around the home

  • VERSATILE: This power cleaner is best for small hard to clean surfaces like: sinks, glass top and stove tops, oven windows, glass doors, microwaves, grout lines, bathtub handles, shower grout, tile, drains, wheels, shoes, golf clubs, boat cleanup, grills, vinyl furniture, pots, pans, and any hard to clean situation

  • EFFICIENT: Versa is an intuitive and easy to use cleaning system that is perfect for a broad range of surfaces. The specialized pads and brushes are great for indoor/outdoor and wet/dry applications around the home

  • COMPACT: With a waterproof and ergonomic design the Versa cleaning tool provides outstanding control and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

  • Replacement accessory pads sold separately

  • Time saving, high speed cleaning tool- for small, hard to clean applications such as: sinks, glass stove tops, oven window, shower tile and glass doors, bathtub handles and drains, outside of grill

  • Scrub through the toughest dirt and scum- no need to push on the tool while in use; best to remove mold/mildew, soap scum, rust and any other scum build up

  • USB fast charging lithium-ion battery- charge for 2 hours out of the box for superior and consistent speed


I would probably give this tool a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It will definitely get your stove clean but it’s not anything you can take to the job-site. It gets some jobs done but I would not say it gets “THE” job done.

For more detailed information on this Cordless Power Cleaner Tool CLICK HERE.

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