TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 15-Piece Screwdriver Set

 This post is sponsored by The Home Depot #thdprospective #homedepot
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot #thdprospective #homedepot

I have not used a standard set of screwdrivers in over a decade. Everything I use is designed specifically for electricians, even those that are not electrically insulated. Home Depot sent me this set Husky set so let’s see what it has to offer an electrician.

The great thing about this kit is that it comes with a ton of options for screw-driving. There are large and small drivers, as well as large and small tips so it covers all of your basis if you need only flat-head or phillips. The unfortunate thing is that there are not options for other tips as well. Having 7 or 8 different-sized flat head screw-drivers is ultimately extremely silly. Nobody needs that many screwdrivers of the same type. Mostly you need 3 sizes, extra small, small, medium, and large. I’d say 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, and 5/16” flat heads. For philips a #1, and #2 is all you’ll need. Beyond that you’ll never use them.

The next thing worth looking at is the handle design. I don’t like the ergonomics of the Husky set. They’re too square and blocky, and the front of the handle is not slotted for extra grip when twisting. Look at the difference in these Klein electrician’s screwdriver handles. The handles are rounded and the grip is a comfortable rubber. On top of it the plastic molding where the shaft meets the handle is slotted. This helps dramatically with twisting as you can have one hand on the rubber handle, and the other on the front of the handle. This may seem like an extremely picky thing but it makes a huge difference.

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The Husky 15-Piece Screwdriver Set includes eight slotted screwdrivers and seven Phillips screwdrivers for all your fastening work. The handle is crafted in a special pentagonal shape to provide greater torque and increased comfort, with a unique, dual material design to eliminate grip slippage during high-torque applications. The tip size markings are injected on the end of the handle for easy identification, while the alloy steel blades are heat treated for strength and the precision formed tips ensure an accurate fit to limit cam-out.

  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and power

  • Chemical-resistant, soft rubber handle provides a strong grip

  • Heat-treated, alloy steel blade offers maximum strength

  • Markings are easy to identify

  • Nickel and chrome plated blade offers maximum corrosion resistance

  • Precision formed tip ensures an accurate fit

  • Call 1-888-HD-HUSKY or visit for customer service and support

  • Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required.


I’m not a fan of these, I’ve got to be honest. I would not use these as an electrician. Maybe as a spare set at home that I keep in my garage for little odds-and-end projects. It does give you a lot of options, however they’re only flat and phillips. For an electrician we need a lot more different types of screw-drivers and nut-drivers. Solid 2.5 stars out of 5 in my book.

For more detailed information on this 15-Piece Screwdriver Set CLICK HERE.

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