TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 16 in. Pro Mobile Office

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The 16-inch Pro Mobile Office by Husky is a neat idea for keeping up with documents and some basic tools and equipment in your work-truck. It can be used to keep “glove-box-items,” flashlights, files, and many other things and is designed more for carrying office supplies, more than tools.

First Impression

This bag is a very cool idea. Essentially it is a mobile glove-box with a number of pouches that can be used for tool storage as well. It’s about the size of a large lunch box, and comes with a nylon strap that allows you to fasten it to your seat using your seatbelt.

The top of the case has raised edges so you can set things on the top without worrying about them sliding off…unless you drive like a crazy person. If you do, then there’s no helping you out, your things will undoubtedly end up in the back seat anyways.

There are a decent amount of pouches around the sides for putting sunglasses, safety glasses, or any number of things you may need to have with you when doing service calls or estimates. I’ve put hi-liters, white-out, rulers, pens, markers, phone chargers, papers, files, note-pads, and much more inside of it and it works great if you need a place to collect all of this stuff, rather than it just rolling around on your dash.


As for the inside of this case it has 4 large pouches that you can use to stick files, notebooks, binders, pamphlets, etc inside, or you can just use them to store time-sheets, and paperwork for those of you who do service-work. There are a couple smaller pouches that can be used to store small calendars, or even a few choice hand-tools. The bottom/middle compartment is wide-open as well, allowing you to store larger items like flashlights, multi-meters, or like me…an Avengers marker/pen/pencil case!

Info from

Designed to be belted into your passenger seat, the Husky Mobile Office helps you stay organized while working from your vehicle. The molded lid has raised edges to keep items from sliding off and provides a flat work surface. The main compartment has dual lockable zippers for security. Multiple exterior pockets for your notebook, pencils, water bottles and other critical items. The interior has padded dividers that will fit your laptop, tablet and file folders. The exterior is constructed of heavy-duty 1680D fabric with fully reinforced edges to prevent wear. Dual, riveted truck handles provide easy transport.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric, water-resistant material

  • Reinforced edging prevents wear on all corners and edges

  • Molded lid with raised edge keeps items from sliding off

  • Dual lockable zippers for theft prevention

  • 2 water bottle pockets, 2 covered pockets, 3 open pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 3 pencil slots and external tape clip for easy access

  • 2 interior pockets and 4 interior padded dividers for holding your laptop, tablet and paperwork


I have a large center console so I don’t necessarily need this case. However I do like to keep it in the back seat of my truck as it keeps all of my non-essential paperwork, pens, glasses, chargers, and accessory items in it. I would personally like to see a little more consideration for carrying it taken, as the only way to haul it around is by the two nylon handles on either side of the case. It’s a great idea for a foreman, or job-lead to have one of these…if you have a back seat. If you don’t have a back seat then this is a little impractical for you to use, especially if you have an apprentice that rides with you everyday. If you own a business or spend a lot of time driving around estimating, then this may also be a good thing for you to get your hands on. I say 4 stars out of 5 on this bad boy.

For more detailed information on this Mobile Office Bag CLICK HERE.

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