TOOL REVIEW – Husky 270-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to socket sets, kind of like I was as a kid with Crayon sets. The bigger and more options, the better. Home Depot just sent me a 72-piece mechanic’s tool set and I couldn’t be more excited to break it out.

First Impression

At first, I noticed this thing is heavy. It’s not something you’d want to lug from your truck to a job site every day. I have a small 3/8” drive Husky socket set that I keep in my truck because it fits in several of my bags and has all of the sizes an electrician needs. So this 270-piece set is going to stay in my studio.

There are 4 locations for tools in the box. The first is right inside the top cover of the case, this is where all of the wrenches are stored. You, of course, have both metric and standard sizes from 1/4” to 5/8” SAE and 8-15mm MM. Those sizes are a little limited, on the small side in my opinion. Electricians use larger sizes, as do mechanics, so I see that as a miss.

Next spot is the top tray where the ratchets and some miscellaneous sockets, adaptors, nut drivers, and bits are stored. It’s always nice to have a full set of ratchets and sockets, though I will say, as an electrician, all I ever really need is a 3/8” set. This kit has a 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” drive so it’s got pretty much everything you’d need in a socket set.

The next storage bin is the top drawer. It houses all shallow sockets, but SAE and MM. The smallest being 4mm metric and 5/32” standard, and the largest being 22mm and 7/8” SAE. It even comes in both 6-point and 12 point sockets for both the metric and SAE sizes, which I find pretty awesome.

The last compartment in this box is the bottom drawer. This is where all of the deep sockets are stored, as well as both a metric and standard set of Allen wrenches.


As a whole, this kit is great for most people. If mobility or portability is something you need then I’d recommend getting a much more compact socket set to carry around. This is definitely a set that would be best kept in a garage or shop. Don’t get me wrong, you could lug it around everywhere with you, but it’s really cumbersome, heavy, and large – so keeping it in a truck toolbox and using it every day would be a pain.

I like the style of the side handle cut-outs they included on the box so that you can carry it with both hands. I like that they also included a handle on the top so you can single-hand carry. What I don’t like, as will almost all of Husky’s boxes, the clasps and hinges are very cheaply designed. Husky is not one to design tools of fine precision or extreme craftsmanship, they’re meant for the general user. But I have more broken Husky clasps and hinges on more of their cases than I know what to do with. They all break….yes, I said ALL. I’m also not a fan of having loose sockets and bits rolling around in the case, and in this kit, every time I open it there are bits all over the place. I think having sockets snap in place is a no brainer for a mobile rig like this. There’s not much more irritating than having to re-organize a toolset every time you open it, just so you can find what you’re looking for.


Info from

The Husky 270-piece 1/4 in, 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. drive mechanics tool set offers a comprehensive selection of tools for the professional or DIY mechanics workshop. The 129 different standard and deep sockets along with the 14 combination wrenches and 19-bit sockets will allow you to tackle any fastening or repair project. This Husky 270-piece tool set will provide the novice or professional with a huge assortment of durable and reliable tools to get the job done.

  • Set includes 1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. 72-tooth ratchets, (54) 1/4 in. drive sockets, (61) 3/8 in. drive sockets, (19) 3/8 in. drive bit sockets, (14) 1/2 in. drive sockets, 4 drive extensions, 14 combination wrenches and 101 other tools

  • 72-tooth ratchets need an only 5 arc swing to turn fasteners

  • Quick-release button allows sockets and drive tools to be easily removed from the ratchet

  • Full polished chrome finish easily wipes clean of oil and dirt

  • Tools are forged from chromium-alloy steel for outstanding durability and strength

  • Sockets and wrenches feature chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement onto drive tools and fasteners

  • Sockets and wrenches are designed with off-corner loading to help prevent rounding of fasteners

  • Wrenches feature a 12-point box-end design and 15 offset increases clearance

  • Bit sockets attached to 3/8 in. drive tools provide a longer handle and more leverage than standard hex keys or screwdrivers

  • Chrome finish provides corrosion resistance and added durability

  • Large, hard-stamped size markings allow for easy readability

  • Hex keys, screwdriver and nut driver bits are formed from heat-treated S2 tool steel for added strength and wear protection

  • Plastic storage case is stamped with size markings for easy identification and organization

  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If your Husky product ever fails, bring it back and we will replace it for free.



For the average user, this mechanic’s tool set is a great buy. It has more than most people will ever use, all in one solution. I do think it is designed cheaply, and for production, rather than for quality and longevity – so as a pro tool user it loses some points just in it’s ability to hold itself together. I give this set 3.5 out of 5 stars.

For more detailed information on this mechanic’s tool set CLICK HERE .

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