Tool Review – Husky 37-inch Rolling Portable Job-Box

I have needed a job box to keep all my shit in for the longest time, and was recently sent a 30’ plastic rolling job box from Husky. It showed up on a pallette in my driveway, and I was so excited to see what was underneath all of that green plastic saran wrap.

First Impression

Once I got to use it for a few days, a few things stood out to me. I love the very sturdy clasps, which have always seemed to be a point of contention with me. Most job boxes, while they look heavy-duty and down for any jobs, have flimsy clasps, and once they go… a box that doesn’t close shut isn’t much of a box, is it? These are very strong and found inside the molding that they’re hinged on, instead of being external with the chance of getting caught on things constantly. The first problem I had was the hardware inside the clasps – little half-circular pieces of metal for a lock to go through. They are very flimsy and have a weak pressure tolerance. Sometimes when you go to shut the top, the rounded pieces of metal don’t line up with the clasps perfectly, so I’ve already bent one of mine really badly, thinking everything would line up when it didn’t. Now I have to push the little metal piece aside every time I want to close the lid.


The wheels seem to be sturdy, and this thing looks like it can jostle around the back of a work truck with other tools and materials just fine. The handle pulls out from inside the box so you can pull it on the wheels when it’s full and too heavy to carry. It’s extremely deep, which is important, because a lot of tool boxes have similar outside dimensions, but are way too shallow to hold much of anything that a serious tradesman might need.

It comes with a little tray that can slide along the top, which I never use because I find more often than not I’m not putting small materials in a big portable job box. They get jumbled around and lost at the bottom, and I’m not about to dig through materials and tools to find one green wire nut. It’s big enough that (most of the time) I can fit all the tools I need for a job and wheel it in, instead of having to go back and forth a million and a half time – or wasting time telling my helper to go get something and verbally navigating them through my truck.

There are two little plastic straps on the inside of the lid that it lid open so it sits upright instead of fully extending towards the back of the box. However, they seem very flimsy and I have a feeling they’re going to break very soon. One of them keeps popping out of place when I open it – kind of a pain in the ass.

It comes with a set of keys and a lock – but it’s a plastic case. If someone really wanted in they could just take a sawzall and cut it open. Seems like a kind of gimmicky thing more than a functional aspect. Most professional tradesman use steel containers that take a good amount of effort to get into. But I suppose if your’e on a job, having a lock on any tool box might keep honest people honest.


Overall, I’d give this job box 3.5/5 stars. I will probably keep this in my garage and use it for storage instead of as an everyday, on the job tool. All around, the idea of it is great, but the execution is alright. A little more money and material would make this thing higher quality, especially the opening and closing mechanisms. It’s simply not up to the standards that I look for as a professional tradesman.

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