TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 700 Lumen LED Utility Light

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I’m a huge fan of flashlights of all sorts, so every chance I have to see the latest brands and models, I take. Husky sent me this little 700 lumen portable utility light, so let’s see how it fares.

First Impression

When I opened the package I was happy to see a compact portable design to this light. I do like that it has a handle to carry the tool around, but thought it was odd that the fixture was so large for such a small diameter LED diode.

Having a handle that swivels is a really useful feature, as you can use the handle as a kickstand when you’re in a cramped space and you need two hands to work with. The light also comes with 6 AA batteries already installed in the tool.


I found it a little disappointing that the light runs on 6 AA batteries. I personally hate buying batteries and throwing them away after using them for a little while. Of course you can buy rechargeable batteries and a AA battery charger, but honestly…who does that anymore? I think having a usb port for charging is a no-brainer these days. For 700 lumens though, this could possibly take a long time to charge which may be why they decided on the AA’s. Still, I’m probably not going to use this light as much as my many other lights, JUST because I have to keep up with buying batteries for it.

As for the brightness of the light, this thing rocks. It can light up an entire area, which is helpful doing electrical work up in an attic, or you can hang it from a nail in an attic and have it point down on your working area. It’s extremely light-weight and small as well, so carrying it around through an attic with you is no problem at all.

Info From

This Utility LED Light features a unique design with durable plastic construction. Ideal for camping or emergency use, it’s equipped with super bright LED lighting offering up to 700 Lumens, 4-hours of run time and 20 m (65 ft.) of beam throw. A 180 foldable handle is easy to carry.

  • Durable and impact resistant design

  • Perfect for camping or emergency situations

  • 180° foldable handle

  • Includes 6AA energizer alkaline batteries


I like this light as it is, straight out of the box. It does exactly what it is designed to do, and works without fail. I would not use it for very long, however, because I’m not about to keep dozens of AA batteries around every time this thing dies. I do like that it is small, portable, and puts out 700 lumens – this thing is a little bit of a beast. However I have dozens of other work-lights that have removable, rechargeable lithium ion batteries that work with my other tools. I say 3.5 stars on this little guy.

For more detailed information on this Husky Utility Light CLICK HERE.

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