Tool Review – M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 3000-Lumen ROVER LED AC/DC Flood Light

I’m a huge fan/user of Milwaukee lighting products. I’ve been fortunate enough to run contests and get to try out almost every one of their lights, from the small pen-lights, to headlamps, area lights, small search lights, and area tower lights. They have so much technology being developed in their lighting alone, that nobody else can keep up.

First Impression

After opening the package, I took a fully charged 5ah 18-v battery and plugged it in to see just how bright this light is. I was shocked to find that it is, in fact, painfully bright! There is a “Mode” button that allows you to adjust the light from “bright” to “medium” to “low,” which almost all of their lights do nowadays. The light itself is a flood-light, meaning the light is not pointed directly at one spot as a spotlight would be. Rather it covers a wide area in the direction the face is pointed at.

The head of the light spins on an axis, front-to-back, nearly 270 degrees so the range of directionality of this light is amazing. I do wish that it moved on 2 axises, front-to-back as well as side-to-side. However the light is so compact that you can just turn the entire body to get your side-to-side alignment. I love the handles located at the top of the tool. They allow you to pick the rover up with one or two hands and handle it with ease. It actually makes carrying the light a lot less cumbersome than it could be because of the shape of it.


There is a male 110-volt receptacle on the side of the body that allows you to plug the tool into a 110-volt extension cord – which honestly is a Godsend considering you don’t always have fully charged batteries to rely on. Plus if you are using all of your other batteries in other tools, you may choose not to have one of your batteries unavailable for an entire day. The 110-v port is a great inclusion in the design of this product.

Another great feature that adds to the flexibility of this light is the mounting holes in the back (bottom) of the body. You can drive a screw into a wall and hang the fixture from it, like you would hang a picture frame. This is something I don’t see myself using too often to be honest, but it is a great idea because some people WILL find this useful. As an electrician, however, most of the time my need is for a light to be portable and movable quickly. I don’t need functionality that will make this a permanent light somewhere.

The last feature I’ll talk about is the ability for the light to let you know that the battery is running extremely low. Almost all of Milwaukee’s lighting products have a feature in them that allows the light to blink off and on three times to let you know that your battery is in need of charge very soon. This is amazing if you think about it. The tool is communicating with you. If you’re somewhere in a dark room, holding something heavy over your head, or working in a live electrical panel and your light suddenly shuts off, it could mean catastrophe very quickly. Milwaukee’s lights will blink 3 times, then after another couple minutes will do it again. Normally you’ll get a third series of blinks to let you know, one final time, that the light is going to shut off soon, then it dies. It doesn’t get much better than that right?


I give this light 5 stars for sure. It’s revolutionized working in dark areas for me, and like most of Milwaukee’s products, this light has made its’ way permanently into my work truck. The ability to use it with or without battery power (corded or non-corded), the fact that it’s lightweight and easily portable, and takes the M18 batteries that I have so many of makes this light a must have for all electricians and other tradesmen.

For more detailed information on this Milwaukee M18 Rover LED Jobsite Flood Light CLICK HERE.

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