TOOL REVIEW – RIDGID OCTANE Brushless 18V 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

In partnership with The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot

In partnership with The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I use rotary hammers quite a bit in the electrical field, usually to get rock walls flat when mounting panels/enclosures, or when drilling out concrete/stone for anchor points. Let’s see how the Ridgid hammer compares.

As with all of the tools Ridgid makes, their name says how they feel in your hand. This thing feels stout. It’s functionally the same as my Milwaukee and Makita versions of the same tool, but for some reason just feels better in the hand.

I use the rotary hammer function more than the drilling or hammering function, but I do use the hammer function with a large chisel bit for flattening uneven stone surfaces. When I’m mounting uni-strut (cantruss, kindorf, strut-channel, etc) to a stone wall, more often that not the wall is uneven. With the right chisel attachment you can peel the excess ridges off the wall like butter. This beats doing it by hand with a hammer and chisel any day.

Personally, I don’t ever use the depth-setting rod that most rotary hammers and hammer-drills come with. Most of what I’m doing doesn’t require that precise of depth accountability. I typically just eye-ball my holes when drilling in for anchors, based on the length of the anchor I’m using. Mostly I use these rods for target practice into the trash can as soon as I open the package. =)


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RIDGID introduces the 18-Volt OCTANE Cordless Brushless 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Tool Only). The 18-Volt OCTANE Brushless 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Tool Only) features high performance brushless motors and advanced electronics that provide best-in-class power and intelligence. While providing increased performance with all RIDGID 18-Volt Batteries, OCTANE Tools provide maximum performance when paired with OCTANE Batteries (not included). Paired with an OCTANE Battery (not included), this tool provides over 50% faster drilling for high demand applications. This means, under heavy loads, the tool talks to the battery to determine when to draw maximum power to the motor, allowing the tool to increase performance and finish the task. With registration, this tool is backed by the Industry’s Only Lifetime Service Agreement: FREE Parts. FREE Service. For LIFE. The OCTANE 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Tool Only) includes an auxiliary handle assembly with depth stop rod and an operator’s manual. Batteries and chargers are sold separately.

  • Over 50% faster drilling in high demand applications vs the previous model R86710, 18-Volt X4 7/8 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

  • Extreme vibration reduction minimizes tool vibrations for greater comfort, less fatigue, and increased productivity

  • 3-mode selector to manually switch between hammer, drilling, and chisel modes

  • Mechanical clutch helps minimize torque reaction when the bit binds, protecting both the tool and user

  • Brushless Motor Technology delivers up to 50% more runtime and longer motor life

  • Auxiliary handle with adjustable depth rod to easily rotate the handle and adjust to the application

  • 100% Compatible: Works with all RIDGID 18-Volt Batteries

  • Registered within 90 days, this product is backed by the Industry’s Only Lifetime Service Agreement: FREE Parts. FREE Service. For LIFE.

  • Includes: (1) R86711 OCTANE Brushless 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Tool Only), auxiliary handle assembly with depth stop rod, and an operator’s manual

  • Batteries and chargers are sold separately

  • RIDGID: Powerful. Durable. Professional



I really like this rotary hammer. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, it’s reliable, rugged, and impressive. If I had more batteries and other Ridgid tools I’d more than likely stock up on everything Ridgid makes. I just have more Milwaukee in my truck than anything else so I probably won’t use this as much due to space-limitations in the truck. I recommend this tool, hands down, to any Ridgid users out there who are electricians.

For more detailed information on this Rotary Hammer CLICK HERE .

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