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In partnership with The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot


In partnership with The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

Today we have yet another bit-set to test out. This one, however, is just a standard set – not like the impact-rated kits we’ve talked about in the weeks preceding this. Let’s see how they do in the professional trade world.







First Impression

From the jump I can tell this is a very basic set, that will not last through the rugged use of a professional who would use it every day. None of the bits are designed for the environments that many pro tradesmen work in. Ryobi doesn’t specialize in making pro-grade tools, most of their offerings are designed for the weekend warrior or someone who just uses tools lightly, and every-so-often.














I do like the bits that come together in this kit. More often than not I’m having to buy entire sets of spade bits, or masonry bits on their own. The fact that this kit comes with spades, masonry bits, a drill index, and a drill extension with tips is extremely convenient for any user. If only there were a pro-grade option for a similar kit. Instead, I have to buy 4 different bit sets, that cost 4 times as much – but will also last 4 times longer and serve the purpose I need it to.







The majority of the time a light tool user will need this kit, they’ll most likely be drilling with a philips bit. The nice thing about this kit is that it comes with 4 philips options, one of each size. The Torx (star) bits are helpful even though they only come in two sizes. Who even uses flat head tips on drills anymore?













The masonry bits are light-duty, and with extended rugged use burn up quickly – so again, if you’re just an apprentice who needs your first bit set, or you don’t use tools very often, this set should do just fine. If you’re an electrician, or work in construction as your full time job, I’d go with the heavier duty Bosch bits every day of the week.

Info from

RYOBI introduces the Black Oxide Drill and Drive Kit (31-Piece). This 31-Piece Drill and Drive Kit gives you the bits you need to drill wood, metal, plastic, and even brick. The assortment enables you to tackle a variety of projects. Use the included case to stay organized while taking this kit around with you to different job sites with the added convenience of a clear front for quickly identifying what you need. This kit includes 31 black oxide drill and drive bits, as well as carbide tipped masonry bits.

  • Includes up to a 1 in. spade bit, as well as Phillips, slotted, and torx driving bits

  • Black oxide drill bits provide longer life and faster drilling

  • 135° split points for drilling on contact and preventing walking

  • Shatter-resistant case with convenient clear front to keep your bits organized and accessible

  • Includes carbide tip masonry bits

  • Assortment of 1 in. driving bits with magnetic bit holder

  • Includes: (31) Black Oxide Drill and Drive Bits with a clear front carrying case


I give this set 3 out of 5 stars, I wouldn’t use them as an electrician unless I was in a pinch. I do like the variations of bits that all come in one kit. I just need bits that are heavier duty and longer-lived as a professional every-day tool user.

For more detailed information on this Bit Set CLICK HERE .

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