TOOL REVIEW – RYOBI 70PC Impact Rated Driving Kit

In partnership with The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot

In partnership with The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

Today I’m testing out this 70-piece Ryobi impact-driving bit set. When using impact drivers for screwing and drilling you need to have a higher-torque bit that can handle the hammering of the drill motor. A standard bit will work, but the life of your bits is short-lived if you’re not using impact-rated bits with impact drivers.


First Impression

Now I will start out by stating, on the record, that I’m a professional user. I’m not a weekend warrior tool dad or somebody that rarely uses tools. I know a tool’s value because I live and die by tools in my hand every day of my life. On that note, from the jump, I will say this is not a set I would recommend to professional tradesmen. I’m going to talk about what I don’t like first, but there are good things about this set as well so continue reading the full review, please. Also understand this is coming from a professional tool user, so my review may sound a little harsh.

This is a good starter set for an apprentice, or as just a general use set for a general user that may use tools every once in a while. The bits function, just not very efficiently or to any high degree of quality…for a pro user. When I use a 5/16” hex nut driving bit, I rely on it being magnetic, sturdy, long, and designed in a slim-line manner to fit into panels and tight spaces. Magnetic bits are 100% essential, 100% of the time in the electrical field. More often than not we are working up on top of ladders, in the dark, and having screws falling off of the drill every time you try to screw something in is nonsense. We only use magnetic tipped bits in the field, this set’s bits are not magnetic.

For the rest of the kit, it’s actually not much different than other brands. The drill extension has a slide on it like a lot of professional-grade DeWalt or Milwaukee bits would have, which works perfectly – and is magnetic. Again, everything in bit sets should be magnetic now-a-days…seriously. The idea, I believe, is that by making the sliding extension magnetic, it will by extension, make any tips you put in it magnetic. This is great in theory, but what if you want to use one of the hex bits without having it in an extension…say if you’re in a tight space and you cant fit the drill in, with the extension? OK….off my high-horse about the magnetism.

All of the rest of the bits that come in this kit are quality and serve a purpose. The socket extensions adapt to allow you to use sockets in a drill. This is handy, and they work as they should. The square (Robertson) bits, Torx (star), Philips, and flathead tips are all quality and work as expected. So having this set is still a good thing, because electricians are constantly running into different types of screws in light fixtures and gear. So having a set like this makes switch out tips really easy to do. So, for the most part, this kit is good for being out in the field. As long as you have other bits that you can rely on for the heavy-reliability tasks.

Info from

RYOBI introduces the Impact Rated Driving Kit (70-Piece). RYOBI Impact Rated Driving Bits are built to withstand the tough demand that comes with the use of an impact driver. The 2 in. bits feature a TORSION ZONE that is engineered to absorb the high torque and demand that comes with the use of an impact driver. The included case is compact and modular, meaning the bit holders can be removed or rearranged. This allows for complete customization of accessory kits. This 70-piece kit offers a variety of the most commonly used 1 in. and 2 in. bits, along with specialty socket adaptors, nut drivers and magnetic screw guide. For more things RYOBI, visit

  • Impact Rated bits for use in impact drivers and drills

  • Precision-milled bit tip for enhanced fitment with commonly used fasteners

  • 2 in. bits feature a TORSION ZONE that absorbs the high torque from more demanding applications and helps to preserve bit tips

  • 1 in. bits are great for use with the included magnetic bit holder

  • Modular case for easy, convenient storage

  • Green band on bits makes it easier to find on the jobsite and in your toolbox

  • Nut drivers for use with hex fasteners

  • Includes: (70) Impact Rated Bits in a variety of socket adaptors, nut drivers, Philips bits, and bit holders



I give this kit a 3.5 star, out of 5 star, rating. It does the job for the average user, and about half of it works for the professional as a backup kit. It’s not changing lives or making you do your job better as a professional, but it does work as a spare set in case you lose bits or your helper forgets their tools. For the homeowner in need of a toolset, this is actually a really good deal and has more bits in it than you’ll ever use in a lifetime. This set is designed for you.

For more detailed information on this Bit Set CLICK HERE .

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