Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs To Have

If you’re about to start your career as an electrician but don’t have a clue what tools you need, feel free to consult this list. In this video, I talk about all of the tools that I deem necessary to start your career with. There will be endless tools that you will buy through the years but these are the basics that every apprentice electrician needs. In order, as they appear, I also time-stamped each tool so you can find them easier. If you’d like to buy them I’ve put links to each tool on Amazon below so you can order them if you’d prefer: First up is to get a good pouch. You’ll need a two-sided pouch with a hammer loop and a tape chain. One side of the bag should have storage for your hand tools, the other side should have multiple pouches for storing staples, screws, wire nuts, pens/pencils, markers, and a tape measure. You’ll want a separate hammer loop (one thing I forgot to mention in the video…a hammer!) that hangs behind you from the belt. Its a lot easier to have a hammer hanging from behind you than off to the sides smacking into your legs all day. (0:56)

Klein 10″ flat-head screw driver with a 3/8″ tip. (1:12) –

Klein long-shaft 6-in-1 multitool (1:31) –

Stanley Sheetrock Saw (2:33) –

Klein Lineman’s Pliers (2:58) –

Klein Side-cutting Pliers (3:30) –

Klein Small Wire-Strippers (4:12) –

Klein Large Wire-Stripper/Crimper/Bolt-Cutter Combo Tool (4:38) –

Klein Needle-Nose/Stripper Combo Tool (5:38) –

Fluke T5-600 Multi-meter (6:23) –

Klein #2 Square (Robertson) Driver (7:39) –

Klein ¼” – 9/16” Nut Drivers (more specifically 3/8”, 11/32”, 7/16”, and ½”) [your 6-in-1 will come with a ¼” and 5/16” so you don’t need to get these] (8:26) –

Klein Mini terminating screwdrivers (Philips and Flathead) (9:42) –

Husky Utility Knife (10:01) –

25’ Stanley FAT MAX tape measure (10:52) –

A pack of Sharpie Markers (12:13) –

Non-Contact Voltage Tester (12:55) –

¼” Masonry Bits (14:16) –

Bosch ¼” to 1 ¼” Paddle/Spade Bits (14:11) –

¼” and 5/16” Drill Drivers (14:56) –

Drill extensions with Philips, flat, square, and torx tips (buy a whole kit of various tips separately) (15:10) –

GFI plug tester (15:40) –

Headlamp (15:55) –

1 1/8” Stepped Uni-Bit (16:34) –

Klein Stubby 6-in-1 Multi-tool (17:24) –

18v Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill (you’ll need at least 2 good batteries and a charger) (18:26) –

Small Lightweight Drill (Screw-Gun) (19:58) –

Various Drill Bits (metal bits, wood bits, stone bits, spare drill extensions, drill bit index etc…) (20:47) –

Set of fitted gloves (not leather gardening gloves – fitted mechanic’s gloves) (21:32) –

Several GOOD flashlights (check into Nebo) (23:02) –

Multi-Allen Wrench Tool (23:55) –

2 Sets of Medium-Sized Channel Locks (25:12) –

NOT TALKED ABOUT IN THIS VIDEO – 22oz Ewing Claw Hammer –

If you’d like to know more about this list I have a page that you can print the list out, as well as see pictures and descriptions of each of these items here: